Creating Lasting Memories At Our School's Events!

Parent Teacher Conference
Open House
Innovation Day
Entrepreneurship Day
Book Fair
Book Character Day
Conducting PTCs is a great way for parents or guardians to be better informed about students, strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles. At Le Eskolar ECC, we believe in having a parent-teacher conference termly to discuss a child’s academic progress and experience at school. The staff discuss the strengths of the child and highlight the areas of improvement. We are also open to any, and all questions. recommendations parents may have regarding their child’s education.
A day intended to give our parents a glimpse of the teaching and learning at Le Eskolar.
Innovation, as an embedded aspect in each of our learning areas, will be the prime focus for this day- with our learners showcasing projects that they created with their families.
Our learners will make use of their enterprising skills to come up with projects that they can sell to their family members.
We will bring a bookshop to Le Eskolar! The students will be shown a wide variety of books to choose from and show their knowledge of addition, subtraction, reading, and UAE currency.
Our learners each have his/her favorite book character and these will come to life on our Book Character Day. With the goal of strengthening the love and interest in books among our students, this activity will be complemented by bookmark making sessions with the teachers.
Annual Sports Day 2024
Supermarket Day
UAE National Day Celebration
Field Trip
Mother`s Day
Father`s Day
Moving Up Ceremonies
Experience the thrill of friendly competition and teamwork at Le Eskolar Early Childhood Center’s Sports Day! At our center, we believe in fostering not only academic growth but also the development of physical skills and sportsmanship. Our Sports Day is a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their abilities in various activities, promoting teamwork, coordination, and healthy competition. Join us as we celebrate the importance of physical activity and camaraderie in our community.
A fun activity that is intended to encapsulate several learning areas while our learners explore a nearby supermarket. This is an excellent opportunity to reinforce their understanding of the roles of community helpers.
To emphasize the importance of the spirit of the union and to celebrate the many milestones of the UAE, this day will be filled with activities that will foster awareness and respect for the UAE culture among our learners.
Strategically planned is our field trip to ensure the provision of an exciting culmination of topics discussed in class.
All mothers of our learners are invited to spend a day with their children, giving them our young ones a piece of their love by creating artworks and doing fun activities with them.
Our future scientists will be spending a good time witnessing and participating in experiments prepared by their fathers.
We celebrate the progress and accomplishment of our learners in a formal gathering of their loved ones and LEECC staff.