Admission to Le Eskolar

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We welcome students of all abilities and religions, who in our professional opinion will benefit from the programs we offer touching on their academic, communication, and social development. We are proudly committed to ensuring diversity in our center. Le Eskolar Early Childhood Center is a strong proponent of highlighting the interrelatedness of the domains of development to ensure children’s holistic growth and progress. In order for the LEECC to cater to the needs of your children, it is imperative that all information about them be disclosed for us to plan accordingly. While we strive to maintain inclusivity in accepting students into our center, LEECC will still assess the child’s needs and disabilities and further reports may be required to come up with a decision that will ensure that the child will have access to the current provision of the center. Priority admission will be given to children whose siblings are already studying at LEECC. We adhere to UAE law and KHDA guidelines. Age Guidelines Following the mandated age of the KHDA to align Dubai with international schools around the world, LEECC is compliant to the age requirements specified below.

Reference: KHDA

Admissions Procedures

We start conducting admissions assessments in January of the current academic year. Children meeting our admission criteria will be offered a place subject to availability.

Initially, an assessment fee should be settled to assess the child’s readiness for the level that s/he is being applied to. This fee is non-refundable.

A meeting will be conducted to discuss the results of the assessment, taking into account the child’s language, and social readiness as well as his curricular knowledge of the level that he is being applied for. Regardless of the results, the child’s parents will be informed through email after one working day.

If the child passes the assessment, the parents will be advised to visit the center to fill out the enrollment form and submit the necessary documents. Where required, the child’s report from his/her previous setting might be required.

Required Documentation
The following documents must be submitted prior to the
child attending the Le Eskolar Early Childhood Center:

  • One copy of student’s and parents’ current and valid passport
  • One copy of student’s and parents’ current and valid UAE residency visa
  • Copy of student’s and parents’ current Emirates ID (front and back)
  • One copy of student’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic only)
  • Two colour passport photographs of the student
  • Copy of student’s immunization record
  • Registration of the student’s enrolment with KHDA. It is mandated by the regulatory authorities KHDA, that on enrolment, a copy of the Emirates ID of the student and both parents be submitted at the Le Eskolar.